The Dover Winter Night Shelter is running very differently this year due to Covid 19. In February 2020 we had wondered whether it was time to look at the model we have been operating for the last 3 years but had no idea what lay ahead in the rest of 2020.

So, this year the Shelter will operate for four months, beginning on the 1st December and will run through until the end of March 2021. The longer duration coincides with Government initiatives to keep as many homeless folks as possible in temporary accommodation until that time.

The accommodation is being provided by two B & B style venues in Dover, each with 5 rooms available with their own bathroom facilities. As each guest will have their own personal space it will be easier to accommodate those who would struggle to be around other people so hopefully no one will be left out in the cold.

Volunteering opportunities will sadly be limited to the provision of meals this year. We have attempted to engage all of the Churches previously involved again and they have thankfully agreed to organise a rota so that each night is covered. Those cooking meals will be provided with foil trays for meal portions and insulated delivery bags to keep meals warm so that they can be delivered firstly to the Outreach Centre and then by members of staff to the guests. Breakfast bags will also be delivered to the guests at the same time.

In previous years' the sense of family, warmth and security has seen so many of the guests make good and positive decisions to move forward with their lives, we can only hope that we will be blessed with as many positive outcomes operating in a different way.

With the help and involvement of Dover District Council, a grant for the full cost of the accommodation and much of our staff costs have been covered by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has been secured. This is incredibly helpful in these uncertain times which have affected donations generally for the work we do.

If you would like to help financially or in any other way please see the details below

Reliance Bank Acc. Name: Dover Outreach Winter Night Shelter Acc. No: 00218510 Sort Code: 60-01-73

If you are a taxpayer please download the Gift Aid form, complete it and return to our office address.

The WNS 2020/2021 annual report is downloadable below: W3Schools