The Dover Outreach Centre is a charity set up to help homeless people. Our aim is not to support people in their homelessness but to give them a hand up out of it.

To this end we provide a postal address, help with form filling, letter writing, CVs, job applications and in finding accommodation. We have had much success in housing previously homeless people, 83 in total, we have helped 59 to find work and reunited eight with family in other areas. Seven have been repatriated to home nations while two have been placed into long-term rehabilitation for drug and alcohol dependency.

Many homeless people suffer from mental health problems, which may have been the cause of their homelessness or as a result of it. We offer unlimited appointment time with a professional therapist to help them overcome their problems. We are open as a drop-in centre offering a wide range of services to help these members of our society find their way back to independence.

The Dover Outreach Centre also runs the Winter Night Shelter. Both of these branches of the same charity are funded solely by donation and manned by volunteers.

The Dover Outreach Enterprise was started as a result of work carried out to get the Outreach Centre ready for use being spotted by the congregation of St. Paul’s, who thought it would be sensible for their community space to mirror ours as dividing doors make it possible to utilise an additional area when needed. Two homeless men asked if they could help do the work.

This Social Enterprise Company now trains previously homeless folk into work by means of real projects, real wages and one to one mentoring in a work situation.